Thinking About Criteria Of Wedding Location

PA The toddler's mum, Ozlem, had been enjoying a family day out while visiting her Turkish parents "I don't take any joy in what has happened. I would rather that he was in prison and being punished for what he did. "I was told that he was at his wedding and stepped outside for a cigarette and someone came along and shot him. "It's a big story over in Turkey because the man that killed Alistair has been killed in the same manner I suppose." David has since split up from Alistair's Turkish-born mother Ozlem, who has moved back to Izmir. PA Akyuz received a life jail sentence but was released early He added: "Ozlem has moved back to Turkey recently, so there was an opportunity they could have bumped in to each other. It is a horrible thought. No-one informed us that he was being let out. "We were told at the time he would serve his full sentence. They were making an example of him.

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